R.T. Scott has been a staple in the Memphis music scene for more than 25 years. From the biggest venues to the smallest Honky Tonks he has played endless shows night after night, year after year.

Known for his high energy outlaw shows, Scott takes his music very seriously. From the minute he takes the stage you know his show is gonna be different. His style can’t be manufactured or faked. He is the real thing. And it’s total outlaw.

Scott, who grew up in Senatobia, MS and spent most of his time listening to his dad’s eight tracks of Eddy Arnold, Charlie Pride, Johnny Horton and Johnny Cash. He also listened to all of his older brothers records of Jr. Walker and The All Stars to Marty Robins. “I liked anything that moved me and still do.” said Scott.

He spent a lot of his early days singing with his mom who taught him about harmonies. “She had the greatest voice and my father would walk around and make up songs and sing them, said Scott. They would be about anything and didn’t have to rhyme or make sense, but they were cool!”

He started singing with his first band when he was 15 doing covers of Grand Funk and Rare Earth. He knew from the very first show that music was what he was going to do, it meant everything to him. Before music he was big into sports, football and baseball, but when he found music sports lost it’s excitement. After being in several bands in his hometown of Senatobia he realized if he was gonna pursue this he had to travel to Memphis where the real pickers and shows were. And so he uprooted there and moved to Memphis.

One summer he was hitch hiking to New Orleans when he caught a ride with a trucker from Austin TX. The trucker asked if R.T. had ever heard Jerry Jeff Walker or Waylon. Scott loved it and could not wait to get home and put a country band together. It was a different sound and feel, so country it was. R.T. had found his nitch.

In 1985 Scott won the Marlboro Country Roundup and opened for Hank Williams Jr. From there it was opening shows for major artist and steadily building his own fan base.

It was during this time the drugs started being a big part of the music along with after show parties. Scott stayed up for days at a time back then playing every night and the days started running into each other. “We once did 98 days straight without a day off, sometimes two shows a day.” said Scott. R.T. was getting deeper and deeper into the drugs and further from reality. He was losing his grip.

He had the hot hand then , but was to blinded to see what all this was doing to him and the band. They were selling, doing or looking for drugs everyday. It was a necessity by then. Scott said, “It was awful! Just awful!”

In spite of everything, Scott signed a major record deal with Polygram Records out of New York and they wanted his sound a little harder, Southern Rock with a country ting. The band opened for Molly Hatchet, Skynryd, The Georgia satellites, all the big bands at the time. They were on the road in a U-Haul and cheap motels constantly.

After two records for Polygram and a short stint with Sony records, Scott found himself without a deal but back playing his kind of music…Outlaw country.

He still had a great following and was working a killer band but the drugs were running the show. Then the inevitable happened…Scott got busted and was sent to Parchman prison and was property of the Mississippi Department of Corrections for 2 years. “It probably saved my life, truth be known” said Scott. But he wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. “It was Hell!”

He came out of prison a sober, but broken man. He had lost everything but his family and figured his music career was a thing of the past.

As luck would have it one day he ran into his old sound man Dan Ward who said he had a Pro Tools set-up and thought they should cut some tunes. R.T was excited and started writing daily. This project turned into his 2010 release called “Talk of The Town”, a CD full of songs about whiskey, prison, whores and drugs. All things that he knew to well. “It was a healing process doing that CD. Great therapy. I owe a lot to Dano for bringing me back.” says R.T.

Scott is in the studio now working with his brother Chris Scott on his new release. “I think this CD captures what I’m really about. It’s a hardcore outlaw record from start to finish. I love this and think my fans and friends will as well. A lot of songs I wrote in prison and some just in the last few months.” said R.T.

He calls this band R.T. Scott and The Outlaw Show. He does his own tunes but also covers a lot of Waylon, David Allen Coe, Hank Williams, Jr. and Jamie Johnson. The band is smokin’ hot and the show is awesome. R.T. is booking bike rallies, clubs and opening show for major artist all over the regional Southeast and beyond. “I love to go to a new venue and watch the reaction we get from the crowds.” Scott said. It’s really a great show to see if you are a fan of the Outlaw era. Do yourself a favor and come see the Outlaw Show. From Country Boy Can Survive to The Ride they cover them all.

Remember Outlaw Music has never been this illegal and it’s coming soon to a Honky Tonk near you!

RT Scott Covers Tunes by:
Waylon Jennings
David Allan Coe
Jamey Johnson
Willie Nelson
Montgomery Gentry
Toby Keith
Steve Earl
Big & Rich
Hank Williams jr.
and More.